The story.

My work for an international construction company (since 1994) has brought me to many places in the world and during my carreer I have traveled to many countries.

Whilst traveling and working abrought I have met many many people and I have come into contact with many cultures.

In India I was working on a reclamation project, we were constructing new land for the construction of a housing area and industrial complex. Whilst we were pumping sand from a remote intertidal area / beach area into the the more than 200 ha reclamation, I discovered something extrodenairy.

One day after an incident free dredging period of some 6 months we suddenly hit a hard object. The crew or our Cutter Suction Dredger was complaining that after dredging for 6 months in relatively clean sand (soft materials), we suddenly hit an unexpeted object which caused damaged to our cutter-head.

After replacing the cutter-head, the captain decided to avoid re-dredging the same area and moved the dredge to a different dredge location and depth.

It was just 24 hrs after the incident that I found the coins & atificats which are presented here.

After many years I still wonder what we hit that day! And how lucky I was to find these coins and objects.

These coins, nails and bullet explain past of history, which I would like to find out more about and share with the local residents, the original Europeen travelers and the world.

Please assist me to find out a piece of history!

Kindly read my blog and feel free to provide feedback to assist me in my search for the missing details and to uncover the secrate of the coins in India

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